May 22, 2011 was a day that changed the city of Joplin, Missouri as a devastating tornado ripped through the town, killing many and leaving even more without homes or places of work.  The town has still not recovered, but as we  have partnered with our friends at Solace Church in Joplin, we have come up with a small way to help that process.  We will be playing some shows and doing some community service, all in a way to work with Solace Church of Joplin to make known the hope of the riches that are in Jesus Christ to a community that has lost so much.   We could really use your help to cover our expenses - there is a “donate” button to the right where you can contribute whatever amount you can.  Our expenses include gas, food, and work supplies for the 5 days we will be serving in Joplin.  We hate to ask anyone in Joplin to meet these needs, so please help step up on their behalf. 

Here is our schedule: 

Wednesday, February 22 - Concert at New Life Fellowship in Neosho, MO (just south of Joplin). 

Thursday, February 23 - Debris cleanup in Joplin.  The community of Duquesne has been neglected to a degree in the cleanup process, and we will be going through and picking up debris that was blown in from the other side of Joplin, and collecting it to take to the landfill.  This is the first step in reconstruction, and this part of Joplin can’t being that process until the debris is cleaned up. 

Friday, February 24 - Concert at Solace Venue in Joplin.  Solace Church runs a music venue that reaches out to the youth in the community.  We will be playing a show for that purpose in the evening. 

Saturday, February 25 - Homeless Shelter outreach.  We will be working with Josh Evans, pastor of Solace Church, to provide meals at the local homeless shelter.  The shelter is crowded because many are still without homes, and many more have come to find work with the reconstruction but have nowhere to live.  We will be sharing and serving meals to these people. 

Sunday, February 26 - Worship at Solace Church.  Sean and band will lead worship that morning at Solace Church and Jay (band manager) will be preaching.  We want to encourage the people of Solace to continue reaching out and being a light during such a dark time for their city. 

Blessings to all of you, and we appreciate your prayers and support! 

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