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A couple years ago, we got the privilege of being on a unique tour called “Traveling Troubadours”.   We got to be the guinea pigs as it was the first run of shows under this concept.  The idea is that we play shows and mix in service projects along the way.  We would play house shows, churches, bars, and a lot of other unique shows including using music to minister at homeless shelters and other outreach ministries.  The other unique thing is that it consists of 3 artists who all share the stage simultaneously, backing each other as the rotate each others’ songs.  That first Traveling Troubadours tour went great.   Since then, they have had several successful tours with many different artists. 

We are happy to say that we are now right in the middle of another tour with Traveling Troubadours, along with Lara Landon and Faith Gilmore.  Its been incredible so far.  Its forcing us all to re-imagine our songs and communicate them differently than we are accustomed to and I think the end result is great.  One thing is for sure - its unique.  You’ll never hear Sean Michel quite this way in any other setting.  So click the logo above and see if we’re coming near you - if so, come on out and hang with us. 

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